About Us

It is our intention to bring you back to your own Awareness, for when you do, you will heal yourself and that is what truly heals everything else! It truly is about YOU! Many have had issues for years, and do not wish to make that appointment with a counselor or therapist, feeling that it still is about someone else figuring out what they should do. When that happens, our awareness of what WE can do to heal is often blocked and dependency grows; instead of feeling capable, we feel less. The reason is because many times we perceive that the other person is making it happen for us, rather than we making our own decisions and taking control of our life! We all know intuitively everything; we must just remember this. True healing is about us returning to our own Awareness of Who We Really Are. We are capable, empowered, sacred magnificent designs of the Universe, and to know that brings about the transformation we desire; it is our natural birthright! Once we become Aware, we naturally do what we are capable of; we heal ourselves. We, at Perfect Balance Wellness Center, meet you online with the intention of bringing that healing power you already own, which is your natural state, back to your full Awareness of what you are capable of, which is to have a wonderful and happy, healthy life.

Why Skype?

Well, first of all, it's easy. Skype makes meeting from home simple. It's easy to connect with a click rather than get ready for an appointment, transportation expense, etc. AND it is as if we are together in the same room. But, of course, I’m in my studio, while I can also 'be' anywhere in the world with a Wi-Fi connection! Time is also a rare commodity these days and one that sees too many people put their health on the back burner. All it takes is a few clicks, and any concerns are addressed, instead of the usual call, make appointment, and then wait for that day to get ourselves to that office. No inclement weather to deal with, no traffic to contend with either. When all you need is a computer, free Skype service, and Wi-Fi, the decision to take control of life and to feel good is always available, right from your own residence.

Blessings for a wonderful experience!